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Learning qualitative health research

In this part of the book, CQ presents a series of introductory video-lectures on classic topics in qualitative health research. The presenters have created brief introductions about their respective topics; they approach their subjects using their own experiences as researchers and provide examples from their own studies. These videos are invitations to explore and learn more about qualitative health research, how to create new knowledge in the health sciences and to challenge your ideas about what constitutes knowledge. The videos are organized into four domains with specific learning objectives:

Domains that Structure the Video-lectures Learning Objectives
Learning qualitative health research To facilitate students’ experiences of “unlearning” and engaging with qualitative health research in the context of the health sciences
Theoretical foundations of qualitative health research To understand core features of qualitative health research such as epistemological congruence, researchers as instruments of knowledge production, and particularities of ethical conduct in qualitative health research
Doing qualitative health research To comprehend the main characteristics of well-established and innovative qualitative methodologies

To understand the connection between methodologies and methods

To recognize the potential and limitations of distinct qualitative methods

Qualitative Analysis, Interpretation and Representation To recognize key principles of qualitative data analysis and interpretation

To understand some key analytic devices that support the interpretation of data, the development of rich accounts of the phenomenon and the theorization of data

To realize there are distinct moments in the process of analysis

To understand some of the creative ways to re-present qualitative research findings

At the end of each video-lecture, presenters offer some suggested readings for viewers to further their understanding of the topics. We have included both these and other readings to support individual learning.


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