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Northern Region

In the northern region, one university offers special student status for enrolment for non-degree seeking students in graduate-level qualitative courses in the health sciences: Laurentian University in Sudbury.


Nursing Program


How to take a course

Those wishing to take a course at Laurentian University without enrolling in a degree program must first check with the course instructor to confirm that there is space in the course. They may then apply to study as a part-time mature student, with the approval of the relevant graduate department. Once the instructor and the host department approve enrolment, the student completes the application form, which can be found here: https://laurentian.ca/assets/files/Admissions/AdmissionForm_2016-2017.pdf, and submits it with the appropriate fee. The application must include a letter explaining the reasons for pursuing graduate-level studies, along with a resume or CV. Applications must be received at least 14 days before the start of the semester. More information is available at: https://laurentian.ca/mature-applicants.

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